Who Needs Deliverance?

FAQ's on Deliverance
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Let us suggest a few common issues to evaluate the need for personal deliverance.

  • I have had difficulty with anger management.??
  • I have had problems with physical violence.??
  • It seems all too easy to tell lies and I feel little remorse.??
  • Past hurts and traumatic memories plague my mind; I see the events over and over.??
  • It has been very difficult to forgive those who have hurt me.??
  • I have practiced the occult, witchcraft or Freemasonry.??
  • I have always been a very spiritual person but I have problems accepting the Bible.??
  • God always seems to be a distant reality.??
  • Addictions and escape have been my experience for years.??
  • I like to overeat when I feel nervous, unhappy or depressed.??
  • I feel overwhelmed, confused or have difficulty facing life in general.??
  • I had an adulterous affair and tend to be easily flirtatious.??
  • I sense fear and that my life is falling apart.??
  • I don’t know who my father is.??
  • I’m afraid to know for sure just what happened to me. 

If the response is yes for one or more of these scenarios, deliverance and inner healing is needed!

What is deliverance?

Deliverance is a prayer and power encounter for Christians to be set free from demonic oppression in their lives. The enemy uses trauma, unforgiveness and strongholds to intensify its harassment. Deliverance closes open doors and removes legal rights of the enemy. Ultimately, trauma and hurts are healed and the demons are expelled.

Now the person can develop a deeper, more intimate walk with the Lord. The process we use for deliverance is Biblical, safe and effective; it has been proven for decades yielding excellent results. This process includes the renewing of the mind (75%), inner healing (20%), and casting out demons behind closed doors in a personal deliverance session (5%).

Can depression, anxiety, addictions be cured with deliverance?

The answer is “yes” and our founder Dr. Ernest Sauve Jr. is a testimony of that. He had suffered from depression and the spirit of death was over his ministry and other areas of his life until he went through deliverance. His life was radically transformed that is why he is so passionate about deliverance ministry. If you want to read about his powerful testimony, go to our store; it will inspire you enormously! 

How are we helping?

With seminars teaching people how to fight in the spirit so they can live a victorious life, not without problems but overcoming them all. If you want us to give a seminar in your church, home church, other venues like hotels and retreats, please contact us 

With very easy to understand materials that help you connect the dots and discover the possible open doors for demonic oppression in your everyday life. Please visit our web store.

With 1-on-1 personal deliverance sessions where your spirit, soul and body get aligned with God’s will so you can obtain your breakthrough and fulfill God’s plans for your life. To schedule your 1-on-1 deliverance session please contact us.

What deliverance is not.

Deliverance is not counseling because demons do not respond to counseling. Demons must be expelled in the name of Jesus. At the same time, deliverance is more than simply casting out devils. The renewing of the mind and inner healing are necessary for deliverance to be successful. Screaming at demons is not necessary because the authority we have in Christ is not less when speaking quietly. Humiliating public deliverance ministry must mature into treating people with love and compassion.

Can a Christian be demon-possessed?

A Christian cannot be demon-possessed. Scripture is very clear when it says “You are bought at a price” (1 Corinthians 6:20). All Christians, even the disobedient ones belong to God, not to Satan. Possession indicates ownership or total control, and if God bought you, He owns you. However, a Christian can be under the oppression of the enemy or demonized. Demonization refers to partial control of specific areas of a Christian’s life. For this reason, you see people in church, born-again blood bought individuals, suffering with depression, anxiety, fear, eating disorders, hooked to pornography, just to mention a few issues. Want to know more? Click here.

Where do you go for deliverance?

We recommend you seek help at your local church first, ask the Pastor if that church has a deliverance ministry or perhaps a group of people appointed by him to carry out deliverance sessions. If the answer is “no”, you may want to suggest him to contact us so we can help him to start a “deliverance team” in your church. You may also want to contact us for a deliverance ministry near you.