Personal Testimonies on Deliverance
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Personal Deliverance testimony from Linda:

It truly was an expression of our Lord’s purest form of LOVE!!!   Ernie and Silvia walked me through each step with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  

The preparation for my deliverance was amazing.  When the Lord first led me to Ernie and Silvia I knew very little about deliverance. I sat through each meeting grabbing little pieces of the puzzle of this great gift the Lord gives.  Ernie and Silvia asked that I read, Deliverance on Purpose and when I finish to complete the questionnaire.  The book is very insightful and full of prayers to help me repent from activities that tied me to bondage, open my heart to inner healing and help me seek the Holy Spirit for guidance in all areas of our life.  The questionnaire took weeks to fill out as I relied on the Holy Spirit to call things into my spirit that I needed to deal with and meditate on. He brought several memories to my attention.  (1) was incident that occurred the basement of my aunt’s home while I was visiting her. I am still meditating on this and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal things and guide me.  The Lord also quicken my spirit while I was filling out this questionnaire to memories of my being in an Elk’s Lodge as a child.  

Next, they guided me to speak to the Holy Spirit regarding fasting before the actual deliverance. The Lord lead me to water fast for 3 days before the deliverance in preparation.   The deliverance started with prayer and worship.  Then we started to go over the questionnaire. I had an overwhelming presence of LOVE surround me throughout this process, even when Ernie and Silvia were confronting strongholds, curses, and bondage that still unknowingly existed in my life!!  We worshipped, praised, laughed, and loved through the entire process.  They took authority over every trespassing spirit, contracts were broken, evection notices were given!! Then Ernie and Silvia poured blessings over me and filled me up. It was like honey and oil being poured over me! I walked away in a FREEDOM I have never felt.  And the most amazing part of my deliverance is that the Holy Spirit continues to minister to me; even through my deliverance was almost a month ago. 

Since the deliverance, the Lord has directed me to remove my belly button ring and throw away all related jewelry.  The Holy Spirit had guided me to remove a rosary beads made out of rose petals from my father’s funeral.  The Holy Spirit has prompted me to read the Bible daily and given me a hunger and fire to do so.  I now feel people’s feelings more frequently and seek the Holy Spirit for guidance when I feel this. The Holy Spirit has brought to my attention the need to pray fervently over my children and given me a hunger to do so.  He has also guided me to several prayer books for teens.  The Lord has also placed a new hunger in me to speak 2 to 3 pages of blessings over my life and my children’s lives daily. I recognize almost immediately when the evil one is trying to pour confusion, lies, and confusion over my life.  In the past I would have been self-critical and felt shame when I hear this voice speaking things at me. Since the deliverance, I speak into how my Heavenly Father sees me and I run to him.  

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of deliverance and freedom!!  The purest form of LOVE!!!  I am exciting to see the changes that are yet to come as our GREAT POTTER molds me into the daughter he has always planned me to become.

Personal Deliverance testimony from Janet:

I started my preparations a few weeks before the deliverance. I honestly thought it would be like a walk in the park, but it soon turned out to be a very difficult process. I don’t even know how to explain it, except that it felt like I was under a spell. I had the hardest time praying and reading the word and it seemed to intensify the closer we got to the date. It was a huge struggle for me and at times I wanted to reschedule the session for another time or not do it at all. 

Nevertheless, I pressed through because I knew I needed this more than anything else in my life. I wanted so desperately to be free from generational iniquities. During the session I was completely shocked, that’s the best way I can describe how I reacted to questions and how I lost total control of my body and manifested in ways that left me speechless.

After the deliverance I was left exhausted. The days following the session felt like I had gone to the gym because every muscle in my body was aching. But there was a significant change to my thought patterns. It was almost immediately after my deliverance that I began to have some type of manifestation with flies in my home. I have lived here for 4 years without ever seeing a fly in my home and suddenly they were everywhere. In one day, I killed more than 10 flies and couldn’t figure out how they were getting in. Every time I killed one, two more would appear. They just kept multiplying. I woke up with one dead in my bed, and somehow, they got into the refrigerator. I began to seek the Lord for an answer. I knew I needed to do a spiritual cleanse in my home and began to ask Holy Spirit to show me what needed to go. I found a few books containing new age and a few other items I struggled to part with until God showed me that I had no other choice but to rid of them. I know that my obedience to God was one of the reasons the flies left, because just as soon as they arrived, they disappeared.  

On the day of my deliverance I arrived with the same expectations I had from previous experiences, but left there knowing that this was by far one of the most intense and life changing deliverance sessions I have ever participated in.


Personal Deliverance testimony from Michael:

It was really amazing. I don’t know how most deliverance sessions go, but I feel like we accomplished much. We approached God by faith and He responded! His presence was evident and just beautiful. I think our time together was very productive and I feel a lot lighter. We hit the bull’s eye on the target a few times in a number of Key areas that have been troubling me for many years. I know they were removed at the root and are gone forever. The timing of this was definitely what I needed as I am transitioning into a new chapter of my life. Now I can move fully into what God has for me with more clarity and freedom.

Personal Deliverance testimony from Juanita:

Ernie and Silvia, what a blessing you were, and are to me! The thing that most impressed and blessed me during my deliverance is how you yielded to Holy Spirit. As I have told you before, I have gone through one formal deliverance and a deliverance training with other ministers, and though both were very good and I got amazing deliverance and teaching. This time was different. The presence of the Lord was so tangible. This was something I didn’t sense in such a way during the previous ones. It was more than amazing, it was glorious! So much so, that it makes me desire to go over those particular moments over and over again. I want to thank you for your yielding and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

I was not surprised, however, when I woke up in the middle of the night, two days later, after dreaming a demonic entity came and sat beside my head in bed. This was the first time it happened after a deliverance. Actually, it was the first time (a demon sitting on my bed). I immediately took authority and declared victory over it. As I tend to be analytical, I did wonder about the fact that this demonic entity sat by my head, could it be that it was trying to get access or dominion over my thoughts/mind? Which I believe it’s enough reason to continue in the renewing of my mind and confessing their lack of authority over my mind and thoughts. I also believe the prayers and confessions after deliverance were very good and effective. I feel freer, lighter and motivated!

Thank you for your labor of love to the body of Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you spiritually, physically and financially in your ministry and all areas of your lives!

Personal Deliverance testimony from Sandra:

“And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.” Revelation 12:11 KJV

Overcoming the enemy is a duel partnership. Receiving the victory won by the Lord Jesus Christ then applying this victory to our lives, in every area and in every season.

The manifestation of this verses and principles occurred in my life on December 1st, 2018. The appointed time for my deliverance. Before this time, all I knew was that God has this huge calling over my life and I could not step into it with the baggage and demonic oppression I was under. I had to get help and only the Lord could bring it to me. 

There was preparation that had to come first. Reading books, specific prayers of renunciation and in my individual case, mental health therapy, the ministry team helped me every step of the way.

The session was altogether seven hours long. This was defiantly a process. One that I am glad that the Lord brought me through with the Lion of Judah behind me, fighting for me. There is nothing impossible for me now. Peeling back layers like an onion is the best way I could describe it. With each expulsion of a demonic spirit and breaking of curses, was a deeper root, a work in me that needed to be carefully removed then healed by the anointing of God. 

I was so bound, now I am “So Free” the oppression I was under can be traced back generations and my personal sins that introduced new bondages into my life. The one thing that surprised me the most was at the end of the session, during the blessing. One of the ministers got anointing oil from Israel and began to anointing and bless me. The moment the oil touched my forehead, a loud screech came from my body. A curse was broken, the dedication of unrighteousness was broken and my body is now full dedicated to the Lord for His purpose.

Just a few days after the session I received a promotion in the body of Christ stepping into a different level of ministry, an increased in the anointing, authority and power of God. 

Everyone needs deliverance, especially those called to serve and shepherd God’s people. I am eternally grateful for this labor of love. It has given me better access to the abundant life that Jesus Christ of Nazareth paid full price for. Thank you!!

Whom the Son sets free is free INDEED!