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This book will lead you through the deliverance process from start to finish.

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding just how a deliverance session should be handled. In this start-to-finish guide, Dr. Sauve will take you through each step of the deliverance session. He has simplified a potentially complex process in a way that is easy to understand and to apply. This vitally important information will assist you in the heat of the battle which is the deliverance session and help you bring others into complete freedom in Christ.

This book will make a major impact in your ministry as it will:

1. Demystify the deliverance process.

2. Create guidelines and establish functional procedures.

3. Allow ministers to easily replicate a system while following the Holy Spirit.

4. Recruit, train, activate and release more deliverance ministers.

5. Leave the reader with a feeling of “I can do this!”

Dr. Ernie Sauve, Jr. – Known as a conference speaker with a prophetic mantle, Ernie convincingly shares powerful truth that releases the atmosphere of Heaven. He holds a Doctor of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute (now Wagner University). After 25 years of missionary life in Latin America, he developed a deep connection with the Hispanic people. As ISDM Hispanic Ambassadors, Ernie and his wife Silvia are working intensely with training seminars and activating deliverance teams.

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